Horsforth Man Takes 12 selfies In 24 Hours… All In Different Countries

Adam Leyton, who has lived in Horsforth for 10 years, set out last May to break the world record for the number of countries visited in 24 hours by public transport. 


Adam Leyton has only recently received the recognition he deserves.

The 39-year-old, set out to do his challenge on the 25 May 2016, but only recently received confirmation that he had broken the record earlier this month.

Mr Leyton visited a dozen countries across Europe, trying to beat the previous record of 11 countries in 24 hours, which was set 23 years ago.

“I really wanted to do this about a year ago when I saw a similar thing done by a group of guys and I started looking at different records I could attempt.” Mr Leyton said.

“Then saw this one and I saw the record was 11 and I thought, I can have a go at that.”

Mr Leyton has waited anxiously for confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records, with him having to submit flight tickets, photographs and GPS tracking as evidence that he had broken the record.

But Mr Leyton said it wasn’t as easy as it looks: “I decided the route after doing lots of research into timetables and trying to find routes that were do-able.

“I was thrown by the Brussels bombing, so had to try and find a different route.”

However, this isn’t the only record that the Horsforth resident has beaten during this challenge. Mr Leyton set out to raise £250 for a charity close to home, but has exceeded it, by raising just short of £1,500.

The world record holder spoke about why he chose to raise money: “My sister lost a baby at 39 weeks which is why I chose the charity SANDS, and I thought I better do my bit and raise some money for this wonderful charity at the same time.

The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity (SANDS) is a national charity who help thousands of people a year who tragically lose a baby, with statistics showing that 10 babies a day pass away.

He went on to say: “SANDS gave her and my family tremendous amounts of support at the time so it was a obvious choice because I wanted to say thank you to them for what they did for my sister and my family.

“They have been great, and it’s not just the money that they are thankful for but also for the awareness that it has brought.”

Mr Leyton had his story published in 35 countries across 4 Continents in the world, after everyone was stunned at well he was doing.

route“It was absolutely mad.” He said.

Adam set foot in Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungry and Austria over the space of 24 hours.

The Guinness Book of World Record holder went on to say:

“I spent seconds in some countries. The longest time I took was when I was in Poland and I decided to take an overnight train and that took about four hours.

“I think the first four countries I visited I did it in something like 76 minutes. I was exhausted at the end, one of the issues I had is that I had to wake up at 1:30am to quickly jump off the train to set foot in the Czech Republic.

“I started by flying to Luxembourg to start my challenge in Perl, as that’s the tri-point where Germany, France and Luxembourg meet. Coincidentally, it’s also where the the Schengen Agreement was signed and from an EU perceptive it was good to try and prove that it’s actually a good thing to stay in the European Union.”

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